Increase your purchasing power during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more now.

Keep your supply chain flowing and increase your purchasing power during the COVID-19 crisis.

Are you a Canadian-based business actively working to procure critical supplies from Chinese manufacturers?
Are you looking to accelerate your procurement and import efforts? 

Baneks can help.

Powered By Ebury

We offer expedited access to cash through our fast, secure and low-cost currency exchange between Canadian (CDN) and Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Baneks Saves Businesses Time and Money

"My bank told me it will take three to five business days to send money to China, which makes it hard to compete with other buyers to get PPE supply from China. I am so lucky to be powered by Baneks. I was able to get payment to my supplier the next day without leaving my home. And I am able to work with any transaction size, from thousands of dollars to millions. Baneks is able to save me $20,000 on every $1,000,000 I transact."
Alina Shen
CEO, Garlian Global Inc.

International Payments

Pay suppliers, employees and business partners all over the world in 100+ currencies.

You can trust that your payments will arrive on time!

Innovative Technology

Baneks Business Solution gives you quick, easy and simple account management so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Why choose Baneks

We're Limitless

From multi-million dollar transactions to smaller dollar amounts Baneks can execute currency exchange of any amount.

We're Fast

Get access to currency in just minutes. Access to quick capital can keep you top of mind and a priority with suppliers during this health crisis.

We're Secure

 All payments go through Ebury to make sure your funds are safe and monies are securely deposited into your supplier’s bank account with no delay or impediment.

We're FX specialist

We not only provide industry-leading exchange rate, but also manage your FX risk by customized hedging solution, which most banks cannot do for small business.